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Samson and Quentin started on Pet Luv at 5 months.  Bright eyed and bushy tailed, they are growing beautifully. 



"Since Dagon has been on Pet Luv, he has a shinier coat, more energy and finishes his food now.  I also notice a change in the litterbox - no longer smelly and less waste."  - Cindy

Pet Luv Kittens Star In Film!

Cassie, Leo, Remy & Romy are 4 adoreable kittens who adore Pet Luv!  They showed up on the property of a couple who fell in luv with them & adopted them into their home.  They are named after star constellations & star in this film that their parents made!



Tom is a handsome chap who loves fresh air, sunshine, girls & Pet Luv.  His mom says "He literally dances while waiting for me to put his food bowl down!"  



Oreo is a social butterfly.  As you can see he wants his own car.  Oreo was obese when adopted but his new parents put him on Pet Luv & he has maintained his weight nicely. 




I am one of the official taste testers of Pet Luv Cat Food. I have been eating Pet Luv since I was adopted as a kitten from the shelter in 2007. I refuse to eat anything but Pet Luv. I am in perfect health and have crazy wild kitten energy. -Roman



"I am the owner of Kit-n-Sit, a cat-sitting business that Watches Your Kat At Home. Over 5 years of business I have met many cats with medical and nutritional needs. Having a source of knowledge and experience to refer my clients to has been a great help. Jill's homemade cat food is gobbled by my cats and chihuahua's, who think they are cats. I will continue to refer Pet Luv Cat Food to my growing business." -Debra

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